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Forge world : Free Dread Weapons & Last chance to buy legion upgrades

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Hello again everyone !!

One good news and one bad ^^

-Good one
If you order a dread with 2 weapons, one of them is free !

Dreadnought offer
now the bad news

Most of the Upgrade set are last chance to buy
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Yea, you read it right.

Most of the legion upgrade set are in the Last Chance to Buy section.

There is 69 results :

I don't know what it mean yet, but it's a strange info.
Last week it was Elysian now it's legion !
Space wolves got their upgrade pack this year ! why removing it now ?

So in a nutshell, Alan passed away, 8th was released without HH, the HH fw team was downscaled. FW is going full steam on specialist games and their sales are great.

2 options : GW taking HH to plastic and 8th or it is simply dropped.