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Warhammer Legend + Made to order + next week

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Hello everyone.

Warhammer Legends

Gw released this week end a pdf compendium of the old dark elves heroes. It's Warhammer legends !.
There is no points cost as it s only for narrative.

Choose language here :

If you are interesting these we still have all the rules compendium from the aos release on the site :

If you need points to play with your friends you can check the Warpoint page here (it's non official and not used anymore ^^)

Made to Order

If you need old dark elves mini they are on Made to order this week only !!!!! (it's for UK)

Idoneth Deepkin

-Levidadon is on pre order this week (Release the 12)

-Next saturday (12 may) you"ll be able to order Sharks and Eels (released the 19)