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NightHaunt army details !

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Hello everyone !!

First of the faction focus articles about the NightHaunt
+ first V2 warscroll !

In the Mortal Realms, the dead do not rest easily. Those departed souls too wicked to join Sigmar and too fearful and craven to join Chaos find themselves in the kingdoms of Nagash, the God of Death. Appointing himself their eternal jailor, Nagash arms the Nighthaunt with a portion of his power and sends them forth into the realms to prosecute his will, turning their immense bitterness and fury at the living into a weapon of war.

Selling Point

Implacable in Defence…
Nighthaunt armies are great for catching opponents unawares. All Nighthaunt units ignore your opponent’s Rend stat, so they’ll stand up against just about any weapon your foe throws at them – even Ghal Maraz itself will struggle to displace a Spirit Host.

…Terrifying in Close Combat
Offensively, the Nighthaunt tear through foes with a deluge of mortal wounds, whether at range or with their Frightful Touch. No matter how armoured your foe is, you’ll be able to take them out.

Chainrasp Hordes
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More often than not, the souls that find their way to Nagash are of a somewhat middling quality – the poor schmucks who weren’t good enough to be reborn as Stormcast Eternals or evil enough to dedicate themselves to Chaos. Gathered together in vast, unhappy hordes, these souls are eternal prisoners of Nagash and take sick delight in bludgeoning enemies with the various chains and manacles that bind them in service to the Grand Necromancer.

V2 warscrolls !
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More swagy but look the same.

very strong hero from the get go !!

More details here :