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The Reason behind Horus Heresy and FW Paints going LCTB ...

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Howdy Guys and Girls. Just a little bit of insight about some of the last "last chance to buy" worries from Forgeworld ....

- First of all, it's not Forgeworld itself that decides what gets removed and what not. Basically, sales numbers and GW people are to blame.
- The HH upgrades that got pulled didn't sell, but there is always a chance for "made to order" FW stuff in the future.
- The airbrush paints were pulled by non-hobby-people. FW tries to get atleast some of the colours back onto the citadel main line, especially stuff like the clears and the Sons of Horus paints.
- Same goes for transfer sheets. If they get pulled, they simply didn't sell sadly.
- No, the Heresy isn't pulled like some certain "rumour sites" are trying to tell you. Yes, it's slowed down because they got new writers and the whole loss of Alan Bligh pretty much killed the 8th edition conversion (atleast for now). But they are working on Malevolence, no worries ....

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"The fears came from an article over on Bols and Spikey Bits. It was picked up by some other sites as well. "