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AOS 2.0 Turn Priority Change

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Hello everyone !!

WHTV previewed a rule change for AOS second editions :

Turn priority : In case of tie on the priority roll the players that went first in the previous turn win.
In a nutshell AOS 2.0 reduce double turn by 16.6% (1/6).

I think it's a good change, a +1 would have been my choice but it's better than nothing.

Image explanation
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Persistent spell affect priority
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Remember those awesome persistent spells we know are on the way? They will interact with the turn sequence in an interesting way too, which we’ll learn more about in a future article.

And !

There are many more exciting changes on the way, and if you check back later today, we’ll be looking at the Everchosen and Slaves to Darkness in the new edition.

that confirm suspicion we had after seeing the background image of the homepage. HYPEEEEEE !!