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Faction Changes for AOS 2 (round up)

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Hello again everyone !!

Announced Faction change :


If you’re an existing Ironjawz player, all your allegiance abilities, artefacts, command traits and warscroll battalions will be making the transition to the new edition intact in the latest edition of the General’s Handbook, with a variety of tweaks to points and some rules designed to make your army more balanced and more fun to play.

-Maw Crushas : Points reduction
-Gordrakk : Points reduction
-Ardboys : Points reduction


-negate the Priority change previewed + let you know if you gonna get a double turn
-Archaon : Points reduction
-Varanguard : Points reduction
- Chaos Warshrine : Points reduction

About Archaon command :
We’ve had loads of questions about Archaon’s command ability in the new edition, and how it will function with heroes all being able to use their unique command abilities. Archaon will be receiving some small changes in the new edition, but his command ability will remain almost unchanged – and will still be one of the most powerful in the game.

That's all for now.

Ps : i guess i should start a permanent summary of all the changes previewed
Ps2 : Tomorrow Harlequin Codex review !