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All the Knights !

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Hello everyone !!

New info about the Imperial knights
-Dominus Class Knights : Valiant or Catellan version.
-Armiger Warglaives new weapons options !
-Specials rules for each Household / Imperial Knight / FreeBlade
-New battle Gauge :
-Cards and Datasheet cards !

If you prefer to go your own way, well, you’re in luck – the book ALSO features tables for generating your very own Freeblades, complete with epic, tragic backstories. Build your own from the traits you like, or throw caution to the wind and roll for them – you could, for example, end up with a Freeblade who fires with unerring accuracy… but also occasionally falls into murderous rages where he is forced to charge the foe. These rules are thematic, fun, and really let you go to town in bringing these characters to life.
Renegade is Back
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Renegade is a boxed game that pits two Knights against one another in epic combat. As well as being a great game in its own right, the set costs much less than buying two Knights on their own, AND even features some scenery – we’ve swapped out the older Sector Imperialis stuff for a shiny new Galvanic Magnavent. This kit’s a pretty appealing option for Chaos players too, as you’ll be able to field both Knights inside as Renegades using the rules in Index: Chaos. Handy!

The Sacristan Forgeshrine
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Used defensively, you’ll be able to keep your Knights in the fight for longer. Used offensively, you can ensure that your weapons with a random number of shots (like the volcano lance wielded by the new Knight Castellan) always perform at maximum effectiveness.

So much hypeeeeeeeee

Preview this saturday at 00:01

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