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Imperial Knights codex review !

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Hello everyone !!

Tomorrow Imperial Knight codex is on pre-order (or this night depending on where you live).
The review is going to be divided in 3 parts :

Let's go !


The book is 120 pages, hard cover.

Check the Summary to see what inside !


In the recent GW codex the illustrations were very good, the Harlequin codex had a lot of interesting one but....
This codex have incredible arts. The style is perfect and you get this sense of towering majesty from most of the knights shown. Even the usually meh armory sketch are this time super good !

Let's have a look at these beauuuuuty !


I was never super interested in the imperial knights fluff and Atia was supposed to write this part ^^
But Atia is busy with life and i had to do it :D
After reading it, i am bit ashamed for my prior lack of interest. The fluff is super interesting and was a very good read !

From what Atia explained to me lot of the background is from Alan Blight writing !


-Knight come from STC used by the settlers in the first wave of space expansion.

-There are 3 patterns for knight in the book : Armiger, Questoris, Dominus. they are the most used one.

-The Throne (piloting computer) had a weird secondary effect of transforming pilot in superstitious real Knight ! hence the first wave of colonized worlds transformed into knight world with kings, courts, baron, serf...

-The Throne haunt you with the past pilots and old memories (sound a lot like IA ^^).

-When the human civilization collapsed du to Psykers, IA, Gene war, Knight worlds were relatively safe. Yea they burned psykers, didn't trusted IA, didn't altered their genes.

-When Horus Heresy happened it was again their mindset of "Knight of the world that was" that saved them. Only a few number of houses turned against the emperor and loyalist purged traitor themselves before joining the good fight ^^

-The sacristan Orders. This is a really interesting part of the story. When the Emperor Crusade re-discovered the knight worlds, they witnessed local artisans repairing knights armors. These artisans were recruited by the Mechanicus and formed. They became the Sacristan Orders of their own world. In a sense they are a bit like Space Marines, they are formed in the closest Forgeword and work for their HouseHold only.

-Knights Preceptor New variant of Questoris, close ranged power house, piloted by the local pilot teacher/drill sergeant. (This is gonna be a dual kit with Canis Rex).

-Nowadays : A Mechanicus vs Necron fight went bad and it's now a full war with mountains of Necron awakening on a lot of forge world !

-There is 9 houses HouseHold in the book with a full pages for each of them.
-Each Knight model get a full fluff page too.

Ok that's all i have to say on the fluff, Atia will pitch in and add more details.


General rules

-All knights must choose a Questor Allegiance : Mechanicus or Imperium. Doesn't change much but grant access to different Artifacts, stratagems.
-HouseHold : All knights must choose an HouseHold or be a FreeBlade.
-If you choose an Household you get a special abilities (there is 9 options)
-If you go the FreeBlade way you get a Quality and a Burden (1 or 2 depending if you roll or choose.)

Knight Lance

: Super heavy detachment with a twist
-All the knights in a lance must be from the same Household.
-FreeBlade can be added to a Lance without loosing the benefit of it.
-You don't get Command Points if you don't have at least 3 Questoris/Dominus knight. Armiger pattern doesn't generate Command points :(.
*It was confirmed that FW pattern that are big enough are going to qualify for command points.
*One model per Lance is a character.

Warlord Traits

-One warlord
-Can be sir Hecktur but then the Trait is imposed (-1 moral at 12", -2 at 6")
-6 generalist options or 9 Household Specific traits. Nothing crazy but a few good one (4++ vs shooting, RR all 1 to hit, +2 run and charge rolls buff aura)


22 Heirlooms. There is a bit a of everything : Upgraded weapons,bonus to melee hit roll, repairs.
My 2 favorites are : +1 armor save super suit and the helm grating +1 to hit to nearby Armiger models.

This could be a very cool combo ! The new preceptor class grant reroll to hit for Armiger and this one grant +1 to hit. The Armiger Autocanon is 2d3 s7 ap-1 Damage 3. each on have 2 Autocanons ^^ So 4d3 attacks that hit on 2+ RR1 with 60" range per Armiger. Moarr dakka !


28 stratagems, some are super duper good (Full tilt ! ) other are okish. HouseHold an Questor Allegiance affect the list of stratagems you can choose from.


-Preceptor knight is a new guy models and use the new Laz weapon from Hekthur (it's the generic Hekthur)
-Canis Rex is the only 2+ 2+ in the codex.
-Only one way to reach 2+ 2+ is by going the freeblade way and roll a 6 at the start of the game.
-The Gallant was improved a lot, reduced base price and 2+ ws, +1A


Let me say it right now, the codex is weak ^^ . Not in an absolute power way, as you still field Frigging Imperial Knights ! But in the Synergy way. Off course there are cute combo. Most involve the Scout class knights or the Gallant. You can still try the freeblade Castellan and hope for a 6 (for 2+ BS castellan). But all in all the synergies are quite mild and it's totally normal. The knights are so powerful that a single synergy is nearly game breaking.

For exemple : I am pretty sure that the Gallant bombs with a 16+3d6 threat range are going to be scary.
Only regret with the codex is that sacristan are missing from the rules section :(

My conclusion is : "Fuck this i am starting a knight army right now ! " (see my next post )

Thanks for ready Charge all the things !