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Knight Valiant Kit review.

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Hello again everyone !!

Earlier this week we received a Knight Valiant by gw (lucky us !). After playing with the kit for the last 4 or 5 days, i wanted to do a little post of my impressions with the biggest plastic knight released yet !


The Valiant and The Castellan are 2 separate kits. I know the dual was desired by everyone but with sprues this big the price would be quite high.


Valiant have 2 sprue Labelled A and one Sprue Labelled B.

It's really interesting because while the A sprue is copied. The elements are used differently to obtain different legs or weapons positions. It's been true for quite some time but the engineering level of GW sprue continue to amaze me.


The Assembly and the instructions were great. Everything fit super well, the most tricky parts are well explained and any average modeler will have no trouble building the Dominus Knight !

My only bad experience was with parts A31. If next week you have problem to fit them too, leave me a message ;) (i want to know if it was me or the kit ^^)


Gaps and Mold lines were a bit tedious to remove especially on power conduits cables, weapons...Also my files were quite old and at 50% of the assembly i went to the FLGS and bough new cutters, files ...Everything ! Then it went a lot smoother ;)
ps : Don't be like bob, take notice of the gap at the top of the legs and be sure to fill and file it before priming !


I used 3 types of glue : Gel, Liquid, Plastic. You are not forced to, but it's easier to glue small parts with plastic glue, big parts in 2 side with liquid glue and parts that stay mobile with gel (weapons, arms...).


Painting, as you can see on the image is not finish but i learned a few valuable lessons :
-Don't glue armor panel before painting, glue them AFTER !
-Get an airbrush !
-Locate the different section that are going to get covered and don't spend too much time on these.
-Get Bigger brush !
-Get an airbrush


This kit is an awesome piece of Hobby fun. Even if you are not into knights or 40k it's a treat to just spray on it.
The amounts of details is very good, all the corner are crisp and perfect. A pleasure !

My plan

I'll do a more detailed painting post in the future but in nutshell i am going to finish applying metal base, then i'll clean every thing, then i'll decide on what part i want to do black, or if i want free hand on a shoulder or stripes, then i'll do the details work !

I know i still have a lot of work on this kit to be finished but i a plan to get a Castellan and Canis rex (for a 3 models army lance)

Raven Prime from house of Bob
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This knight is piloted by Duchess Atia !
Catch phrase : "Size does matter"


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