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AOS2 rules change !

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Hello everyone !!

2 big rules change are adopted for the V2 :

Base To Base Measuring

Yea duh

Quality of life improvement and everyone was already playing this way.

Piling in and Attacking

The change seem small at first but it's totaly huuuuuuuge for large unit and extra long pile in !
1) That mean you can pile in even when already in BTB to create space for extra models.
2) The rule say, "you must finish the pile in" that mean that you are not forced to move toward as in V1. you just have to finish as close.

Base conundrum
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official answer is :

Whichever ones you want! If you’ve got a collection that’s beautifully based, you can put away the clippers – there’s no enforced, single standard for how you should base your models. However, on release, you’ll be able to download a chart of recommended base sizes for every miniature in the Mortal Realms – if you’re a tournament organiser who wants to ensure a consistent standard for your event, feel free to use this, while if you’re making the jump to putting an older collection on round bases, this should help you out a lot.