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New core book for AOS 2 + General Handbook 2018

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Hello again !!

The core book for AOS 2 is announced and look very interesting for the fluff !
320 pages and half of it is fluff of the mortal realms !

Narrative of the Mortal Realms

The first part of the Core Book takes our closest look at the narrative of the Mortal Realms so far, fleshing out the timeline and taking a look at everything from the Age of Myth, to the capture of Slaanesh, to the Realmgate Wars and the Shyish Necroquake. Sumptuous new art realises the Mortal Realms in gorgeous detail, with sweeping vistas that truly underline the cosmic scale of the setting.


Next, we move on to a guide to every single one of the realms, designed to add depth and character to each. From maps to timelines and art that shows you what a citizen of that realm might look like, you’ll find intrigue, mystery and plenty of context for your collections and the mighty wars they will wage.

Factions guide

A close look at the factions provides your guide to each of the Grand Alliances. Learn how the disparate forces of Order forge common cause in the free cities, explore the serried hordes of Chaos or learn about Nagash’s dark schemes for the Mortal Realms.

If you’re brand new to the setting, this is the perfect way to get caught up, and even if you know your way around the realms, you may find a few surprises.


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+12 Battleplans
Using new rules for rolling up which battleplan you’ll play, you can combine these with the battleplans in your Core Book for a total of 18 (or 20, if you include Malign Sorcery)!

Gathering of Might

is designed to let you play your biggest games ever – titanic and climatic clashes that define the Mortal Realms forever. With these rules, games between whole teams of players using hundreds of models are simple. Streamlined rules for deploying and fighting combats mean that you’ll be able to get through these games quickly, while legendary traits, artefacts, spells and gifts of the gods allow you to represent the incredible feats and legendary champions at the hearts of these conflicts.


New rules for summoning !

Darkling Covens
Free Peoples
Slaves to Darkness
Skaven Pestilens
Skaven Skryre
Flesh-eater Courts

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