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Malign Sorcery !

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Hello everyone !!

More details about Malign Sorcery (still from the same gw post)


Got a wizard in your army? Get this expansion, and they’ll have 13 new endless spells to play with, summoned sorceries with massive in-game effects. We’ve previewed a few of these over the past few weeks, but now, we can reveal the full list in all of its glory:

Every single one of these spells, along its warscroll card, is in the box. It’s your one-stop shop to a new age of magic, and that’s not even all!

Inside the Malign Sorcery box, you’ll find the full Malign Sorcery supplement – your guide to magic in the Mortal Realms. This book takes a closer look at magical lore in the Age of Sigmar, and the arcane materials that accumulate in each realm, such as Aetherquartz and Cyclestone. There are pages of spectacular new art and background depicting the unbound living magic rampant across each of the realms. You’ll even find painting guides for many of the endless spells, to help you get them ready for your own games.

Lots of new options
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-Spell cost points.
-2 battle plan that can randomly happen when you both play endless spells.
-84 new relics.
-New skirmish mode where you hunt unstable spell (look super fun !)

Another auto include if you ask me :D


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