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Warhammer TV AOS podcast !

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Hello everyone.

More info from the pod cast !

Presented by Rhu & Eddie.
+ 2 Ben were invited !, Ben & different Ben ;)

In the box set :

52 models
Core book 320 pages (with lots of map, fluff, rules,)
Core rules, updated booklet from 4 pages to 18. With FAQ included.
13 Warscrolls cards, new format, text layout is very good.
Double folded cards for super big warscrolls !
Range rulers
NightHaunt themed dice.
1st chapter of Soulhunt novel.

Large number of arts, map, realm description in the core book.

Models !


Inspired by the carn wraith
Goal is to add depth to the faction.
Based on a real simple idea "Floaty thing" ^^
Models are supposed to represent how they passed out ^^


Anvil shaped iconography.
They wanted to give a different tone to the stormcast.
Reflecting how the SC work in the realm of light.
Everything is push fit, to make accessible to everybody but the main goal is to make the models look the best at possible.

push fit will be released as normal models