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Faction Focus: Stormcast Eternals Part 2

Tags : second edition age of sigmar

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Hello everyone !!

More details about the new Sacrosanct chamber !


Look very strong on paper.
Dispell, buff on liberators & other Sacrosanct, decent melee weapons, + mortal wounds generator and the models are awesome.
Empower : 72% to pass, can be spammed, works on any wound rolls, target limited to sacrosanct or liberators.

Waiting on the cost, because it's hot.

Storm Ballista

Combo super well with the lord Ordinator (grant +1 to hit)
Note that the command ability of the Ordinator only work if he is general (maybe they will change it but i doubt)


They are Ok, the value is the Great mace. You get 1 every 3 + 1 for the Prime with 3 attacks.

Combo idea : Lord celestant grant +1 to hit, you can reroll 1 and 2 and get 1d3 hit on a 6+ to hit with the mace. If you also stack the Empower buff, the 4 maces should get 12 hit (ouch).

On the defensive aspect re-rolling save is good can combo very well with lord protector and being in cover ^^
Again it depend on the unit price but it look interesting.

This Sacrosanct chamber is damn sexy !