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Doomseeker — Ninja Division & Games Workshop

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Dwarf Slayers !

Doomseeker is a tabletop card game, created by David Freeman and John Cadice, in which players take on the roles of mighty dwarf slayers. Each player’s character is sworn by the slayer’s oath to seek a glorious death in battle for a crime committed—or else that dwarf’s honor is stained. The slayers eschew worldly pursuits, dye their beards and hair in fierce and fiery reds and oranges, tattoo their ruddy flesh, take up their weapons, and wander the Old World seeking their doom battling monsters and enemies of their race.

The Doomseeker card game pits players against one another to see who can die the most glorious death! Push your luck, challenge the denizens and monsters of the Old World, with each victory bringing you more glory, and your death can ultimately be met at the hands of a truly worthy foe.

Publisher: Ninja Division
Item Code: NJD411401
MSRP: $39.99
Releases August 2, 2018

Rule book
Game board
8 Slayer dashboards
168 Game cards
4 Six-sided dice
A pile of tokens

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