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Valiant Imperial Knight is table ready !

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Hello everyone !!

I kind of completed my Valiant knight. ( At least he is table ready.)
Going to wait after getting 2 or 3 kits for the markings and transferts but i think i am going to go the Hawkshroud way ^^

I really loved paint this kit. Even if the ending it was more time consuming than i expected ^^
To be honest i could continue at least another week to get all the details as i want them but doing this create the risk of never finishing it ! And it's my specialty ^^

Here a quick rundown of the color i used :

Color Used

Black Primer (CAN)
White Zenithal (AB)

Vallejo Gunmetal (AB)
Nuln oil + Lahmian Medium (50/50)
Silver dry brush (boooh i know)

Hashut Copper
Sepia ink
Hashut dry brush


-With an Airbrush-
Averland Sunset base at least 7 or 8 thin coat.
Highlight 1 Yriel Yellow + a drop of Averland (what was left in the airbrush) 5 to 6 thin coat
Highlight 2 Flash Gitz Yellow + a dropof Yriel (what was left in the airbrush) 5 to 6 thin coat
Shade 1 Sunset + XV77 50/50 Super thin 3 to 5 coats
Shade 2 XV 77 Super thing 3 to 5 coats

-With a Brush-
Dark lining with xv77+Brown (any dark brown it's doesnt really matters)
Lining with Flash gitz yellow


Yellow have a bad reputation but it's easy to paint if you know the 4 cardinals rules of yellow (100% made up name ^^)

These rules were offered to me before starting this Yellow knight.

1) AlwayspPaint yellow over white and grey, keep the black for the deepest shadows.
2) Yellow is THE transparent color, i will not bore you with the details but : Best look is only achieved with multiple coats ! (Lots of coats, lot's of lots of lots of coats ^^)
3) Never highlight with white or shade with black unless pastel is the desired effect. It's always better to do multiple light coat with the brighter yellow you got. With a brush imagine glazing 20 times the same spot, (with an airbrush of course it's done in 2 minutes).
4) Always mix a bit of the previous color in the next highlight or shade when working with yellow. I don't really know why, but 2 GD daemon winners told me the same exact same thing. I know it's easy with an airbrush to just jump to the next color and do a perfect blend, but try to avoid it with yellow as it dull the color.

I roughly followed these advice for my knight and in the end it was easy and decent looking so it can't hurt you ;)

I'll try to do a step by step on yellow next week (just need to find something flat and big to spray on^^)


ps : Just ordered a light-box because i am bored of doing shitty pictures !!

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