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Warhammer adventure author Cavan scott harassed OnLine

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Hello everyone !!

A little post on a bad story.

Cavan scott is a veteran, comics and novels author. He was hired by GW to do the Warhammer adventure novels (warhammer for kids). I know there was a lot of backlash on this new spin off but i understood we reached a new low when Scott posted on twitter this night :

What the actual fuck !!

I mean i understand that some peoples are not into young teen novels, i also kind of get why some "fans" see it as a corruption of the setting. But why on the fucking earth some ppl would want to go post insults on the website of an independent Author that was just hired to do a job.

I hope GW make a statement about this because i don't want to be compared to a star wars fan ^^ (even if i am a star wars fan^^)

Courage scott !

IF you want to post a message on his twitter it's here :


Not mine but it's good ^^
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