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General Handbook 2018 !

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Hello everyone !

Some info from the Stormcast about 2018GH start at 2.50min for the GH


Quick transcripts :

Still 3 ways to play

Open war generator improved.
Another set of deployment options, objectives, sudden death.
More balance options.
Aerial battle : Overhead or stratospheric.
-Overhead : 2 levels of fights (air and ground)

-42 new rules you can add to your game, campaign.
Dawn attack, Chaos ascendant,…
It's like a tool box you can use to customise your narrative games.

Gathering of Might (Rules for super big games)
Apo scale.
Everyone pile in and fight at the same time.
One spell per caster.

Lots of the old matched play rules are in the core rules.
12 battlesplanes.
Streamlining of some deployment conundrum.


Conquest unbound (also aviable for free)
Allegiance abilities change
Scenery rules
Loaaads of points change.
Summoning rules change cost are included the war scrolls.