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Core rule book review (fluff)

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Hello everyone !!

This is the first of a series of review of the new AOS2 material.
These reviews should cover (in no particular order) and could take 5 to 10 days to make all (depending on the drive)
Considering the amount of info already revealed by warhammer community and the uptodate i will not spend too much time on the things previously covered.

Index :
-Rule book fluff
-Rule book gaming
-Soul war fluff and rules
-Nighthaunt models
-Sacrosanct chamber
-Malign Sorcery.
-Matched Play in a nutshell (there is a lot to say)
-Factions change.

There is a lot to talk about so let's jump !


The rule book is present in the soul war box or as a single item. It's hard cover with 320 pages and 220 pages about worlds, factions, myths and legends.
It's a fabulous Rulebook.

Fluff in the new rule book

220 pages of illustrations, story,'s establish the setting for the new edition and cover pretty much everything that happened in the different books and the aftermath of the Necroquake.

The first section is about the Tales of AEONS (the story of the worlds) the second is about the differents factions of the mortals realm. Both section are ~100 pages.

Tale of Aeons

Again 2 sections here : The storyline (age of myth, chaos, Sigmar) and 45 pages on the different realms.

The story line

Myth, Chaos, Sigmar are the 3 mains topics

Age of Myth

It's the shortest but the coolest, it's 11 full page color illustration with text snippets on the creation of everything !
It's on a cosmology scale with a touch of humanity ^^

Age of Chaos

In the age of chaos the narration focus on Sigmar demise with the breaking of the Pantheon, the battle of Burning Skies.

The section is, while interesting is quite short (less than 10 pages)

Age of Sigmar

The biggest of the 3 sections. Retrace the recent history since the return of Sigmar !
-Stormcast return
-War in the land of life
-8 points war
-Creations of differents cities
-Info about Teclis and Malerion traveling between the lands of Light and Dark (in Uhl Gysh)

Raven clan in the fluff, Atia going to be happy ;)

-A few more pages about Necroquake and Magic unchained are present too but i prefer to not post them yet for spoil reason (i am not sure they spoil, but i need to check what i know and what a normal reader know ^^)

The realms !

Second aspect of the fluff presented in the book is the geography and details on the 8 realms !
For most of the main realms you get a map and 1 to 4 pages of fluff and backstory + some arts. Some realm like Ulgu and Hysh are less explained (i guess to keep the mystery). page 78-118.

Favorite part of the book, instantly ignited a RPG fire to play in the mortal realms ! (i would have liked more pages)

Factions of the Mortal realms

All the faction are here (no TK or Bret). Off course the biggest faction get the greater number of pages (hello Stormcasts) but it's very well made and really give a great insight of the different factions !!!


Time to conclude the Fluff part of the review !
I hope you liked it as i liked reading this book. It's and awesome Core Book, so good it's sad AOS wasn't at this stage when they released it 3 years ago (already 3 years ? damn time passed so fast) !

This book is a definitive must have for grasping the magnitude of the Mortal Realms.



I have been painting ^^
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