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Hello everyone !!

I know i was supposed to write the GH2018 review but i was delayed and had to replace it with a quick Night haunt review.

When i opened the box and saw the sprues my first impression was mixed. Yes ! the models looked like cheap empty plastic thing (Duh they are ghost !). Off course details were crisp and everything, but i wasn't that much impressed. I assembled a first grunt (no glue), sprayed black did a white zenithal in 1 minutes and wow the thing was looking like ghost and was super awesome. I painted the model quickly (paint used in another post) and boom it was one of the best model i ever painted.
Did i get better overnight ? nope the Nighthaunt just look very cool with a minimum of effort. I then painted another chain grunt + the knight on horse and OMG they are "cute" to quote Atia.

After these 5 lines of self congratulations i'd like to add that this Nighthaunt line is maybe the most refreshing model ever made. The idoneth Avatar was already super fresh^^ but this time it's all the army. All these ghosts are real ghosts models they just are perfect at what they are supposed to be ^^ It's an automatic must have for me. I think i am going to betray the herd and go for the Ghost !!

One thing i am not a big fan of is the push fit. The assembling is delicate with these frail models (i didn't break any^^) and the push line are visible and need extra work to make them invisible.

Without a complete Battletome it's hard to give an impression on the game side but the change to the 2.0 are perfect for them !

ps : you can add them in Nagash legion and get the right keyword !

edit : adding more pics but server is overloaded ^^
edit2 : Yes knight is still wip i still have to do the gold, the leather, the hoof, and the hourglass ^^


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