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New Easy to Build box with decorated bases (+ Warscrolls bug.)

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Hello everyone !!

As you probably know already Souls war go on pre-order today !

4 push fit unit join the release :
-Myrmourn Banshees
-Castigators with Gryph-hound

All 4 come with bases "a la" Shadespire. (image on the bottom)

Banshee warscroll
Thumb banshee

Before you ask : 4-12 80/210

Warscrolls bug difference
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This Warscroll is coming with the pre order in NZ but it's different from the one in the soul war (unmodified hit vs 6+ hit for triggering ).

I think the one online is outdated because all triggers on hit attacks in the GH2018 (from item, warlords trait...)does not use "unmodified attack roll" so it would see weird ^^

Also the shooting power got removed too

ps : i was told that a big free pdf is coming too


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