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THE FINAL WITNESS (penultimate)

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Hello everyone !!

As AOS2.0 is is approaching, Malign Portents story arc come to an end.
The final witness is the Penultimate story !
This one is about the siege of Nagash Town !!

Go read it then come back :

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Sexy fluff !

They were heading to the city of the Great Necromancer. They were marching upon Nagashizzar.


New orcs ? Idoneth Deepkin transporting brainwashed orcs ?

The choking lakes of tar that flanked Nagashizzar’s northern border began to overflow, sending great waves of black sludge flooding forth. From this viscous muck emerged thousands upon thousands of greenskin brutes, bellowing in fury as they charged towards Nagash’s city. Where they had come from, I could not see, for whatever force had guided them into Shyish was barring my vision.

Really liked this one (and the series too)