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Don't forget the stormcast !

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Hello everyone !!

All the hype is about the new Nighthaunts models (and for good reasons). The whole line is completely new and the floating ghost concept is perfectly executed by GW.

But tonight i was assembling some Stormcast and was really impressed with the crispness of the soul wars stormcasts. It's true the NH are the new cool kids, but the Sacrosancts are crazy good. To be honest they are so good that most of the old SC line is kind of dulls now :/

Outside of the fabric they wear, the differences are small, but the bracers, the legs bottom, boots have some tiny variations. Maybe it's just the general aesthetic of the models but now the Sacrosanct casts look more like human in an armor and less like armored golem.

If i wanted to start a new SC army now, i'd try to use the new models only and convert other units by using Castigators and Sequitors body and arms !!

I took closeup of the sprue so you can zoom on them and decide for your self.


Thumb sequitorfront

Thumb sequitorback

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Thumb sequitorfront2
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Thumb bossfront
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