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Dwarf army points : DONE

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The dwarf codex is inside the DB, it's the first one ! Took me much more time than i anticipated.
Edit : lot of typo to fix

go check it :

Math explained :

The math explained :
The model used is based on 1 constant and one default constant.
1)inflicting a wound is 10 points. (so resisting a wound is 10 points)
2) To be is worth 1 point. (
From this i can calculate nearly any stat/power etc.

Conditional capacity : Abilities (buff) dependant on your placement and list composition are not added if the opponent can counter it (killing a hero, moving out of position ...). Ability very difficult to counter (grudge thrower reroll) are calculated.

Monster : for multi stat line monster an average is made (for artillery and ranged only monster the full strength statline is used)

Option : if you see a point value after a weapon or a special rules, this is an optional cost.

Ps : All these points value assume you don't change the shooting / sniping hero rules