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Warhammer 40000: Kill Team

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Kill Team is on the way soon - with lots of goodies!

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Kill Team - a new game, new boxes, new scenery!
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Your kill team is a squad of elite warriors, hand-picked by you, consisting of about 5-10 individuals. You construct your kill team model by model – a squad of Space Marines could consist of two Reivers, a missile launcher-wielding Tactical Marine Gunner, a Scout with a sniper rifle and a Primaris Sergeant with a power sword, for instance.

Once you’ve assembled your kill team, you can customise them even further with a deep system of specialisms and advancements. These allow you to really distinguish your key troops – creating sharp-shooting Snipers, fearless combat Medics or vox-hacking Comms specialists.

Kill teams can be used in one-off missions or in campaigns where they grow in power, levelling up and developing their abilities with bespoke skill trees.

As well as rules, you’ll be encouraged to customise and develop the lore and narrative of your kill team. The book is packed with generation tables covering the names and backgrounds of your unit, right down to the quirks and demeanours of individual troops. Every kill team will be truly your own – this is as much about creating stories and roleplaying opportunities as it is delivering fast-paced strategic action.

Kill Team games are played on a 22″ by 30″ board – tightly packed war zones that’ll fit perfectly on your coffee table. Every game takes place at close-quarters, troops trading shots across ruin-streaked firing lanes while trying to flank their foe. And it’ll be easy to find space and set up your games.

Multiplayer - Open, Narrative and Matched Play - Ongoing Support!"

Box, Killzone, Terrain and Seperate Rules on Day 1!
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"As well as being available in the Kill Team boxed set, you’ll be able to pick up the manual separately – great if you’re intending to split the set with a friend or want to get stuck in with the game but have plenty of scenery and miniatures already.

To help you make the most of terrain in your games, we’re making it simpler than ever to collect with a brand new kind of expansion – Killzones. These are your one-stop shop for scenery, each containing a double-sided board, a full set of terrain and unique Tactics, all for less than getting the items inside separately.

Each Killzone is a fully fledged Kill Team expansion, with a range of unique rules content – fighting in a Sector Mechanicus will feel completely different to battling on a death world or in the close confines of a spaceship. The Kill Team main set is packaged with a Sector Imperialis Killzone, while at launch, you’ll be able to grow your collection with the Sector Mechanicus Killzone."


"It’s worth taking a closer look at the new Sector Imperialis Terrain. Put simply, this is some of the best Warhammer 40,000 terrain ever made.

Designed by the team behind the Sector Mechanicus sets (and 100% compatible with them to boot), these marry the modularity and expandability of these kits with our most detailed vision of the dark and gothic cityscapes of the 41st Millennium yet.

Every single section is exactingly detailed, moulded and designed to the same specifications as our multipart plastic kits, made to characterfully bring to life the world of the 41st Millennium while being flexible enough to build anything you can imagine. Each piece is compatible with every other, allowing you to build anything from low-lying ruins for close-quarters firefights to towering, imposing high-rises with fully detailed interiors.

Of course, looking awesome is one thing – but we know that the true test of these scenery pieces will be how you use them in your games. The new Sector Imperialis range has been designed specifically to work with modern Warhammer 40,000, each piece acting as practical cover for a range of units. You’ll comfortably be able to fit your Redemptor Dreadnoughts, Deff Dreads or any larger units within the new, upscaled buildings, while doorways, flooring sections and balconies are perfect for models with larger bases – whether you’re rappelling in with a squad of Reivers or skittering across walkways with Sicarian Ruststalkers, you’ll have plenty of space to do so."

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