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Kill Team Focus: Genestealer Cult Freedomfighters

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Genestealer Cult preview via Warhammer Community - rise up my children!

For the Four Armed Emperor!
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"If you’re a fan of cunning tricks and ploys, you’ll love the Genestealer Cults – whether closing in on the foe at speed with their Cult Ambush rule or drawing on their various underhanded Tactics."

Genestealer Cults have a wide variety of units to choose from:

- "Neophyte Hybrids can be equipped as long-ranged support units with heavy weapons, as well as making great Scout or Medic specialists.

- Acolyte Hybrids are special weapons troops with a twist, carrying a brutal array of close combat weapons that make them among the most lethal fighters in the game.

- Equipped with grisly bio-weapons, Hybrid Metamorphs chew through lighter armoured troops with ease.

- Big, tough, and very hard to kill, Aberrants might not be subtle – but who needs to be when you have a power hammer?

- Absolutely terrifying in Kill Team, Genestealers are capable of hiding in cover before shredding enemies with their rending talons."

All in all, this looks far better than the quite limited Mechanicus kill teams. Can't wait to paint some 'Stealerz for my own Kill Team :)

Lady Atia

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