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Kill Team Focus: Ork Sneaky Gits!

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Next Kill Team Focus via warhammer community - this time it's all about the colour green!

Waaaaaaghhhh! - behind enemies' lines!
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Orks can choose from five different types of models for now:

- Strong, tough and numerous, Boyz will be the backbone of many kill teams, excelling at close-quarters warfare.

- Kommandos are dangerous close-combat fighters who are nearly impossible to hit in cover – use them to hunt shooty foes.

- Burna Boyz are great in the close confines of Kill Team, whether in melee or torching enemies in cover.

- Lootas provide long-ranged fire support for their kill teams with their dreaded deffguns.

- Let’s face it – Gretchin are not exactly the most heroic fighters. They are, however, very easy to hide in cover, cost next to no points AND can be your leader if you’re bold enough to recreate the glory days of the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee.

All in all, Orks have it better than Marines or Mechanicus, although I hope the "juve" mechanism makes it back so I can use my true-scale Orks as Boyz and the classic "dwarf Boyz" as Yoofz - something I had planned with the Shadow War release back than!

Only thing that's obviously missing are Freebootaz - let's hope the Kapitan and his Boyz find their way into Kill Team sooner than later ...

Tactics - poor Grotzis ...
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Poor Grotz - it seems like you use them more like equipment than true fighters. Will be interesting to see how pure Grot Rebellion Kill Teams would fare :)

Lady Atia

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