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Warhammer Horror - Maledictions

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Hello everyone !!

Maledictions Paperback – April 2, 2019 : 16$

A eclectic collection of gut wrenching tales to spook and scare.

Horror is no stranger to the worlds of Warhammer. Its very fabric is infested with the arcane, the strange and the downright terrifying. From the cold, vastness of the 41st millenium to the creeping evil at large in the Mortal Realms, this anthology of short stories explores the sinister side of Warhammer in a way it never has been before. Psychological torment, visceral horrors, harrowing tales of the supernatural and the nightmares buried within, this collection brings together some of the best horror writing from the Black Library.

Featuring stories from Graham McNeill, Cassandra Khaw, Alec Worley, David Annandale and more.

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