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Kill Team Focus: Veterans of the Astra Militarum

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Hello everyone !!

New article by GWCT on Kill Team, this time it's about the Imperial Guard !

Perks :

Strength in number :
In Kill Team, the Astra Militarum can easily outnumber their foe with plenty of infantry. You’ll be able to absorb losses to your squad that would be devastating for anyone else.

Orders :
Like in Warhammer 40,000, Guardsmen can be issued orders by your kill team Leader that allow you to adapt your strategy – whether ensuring a heavy weapon hits or getting stuck in with close combat.

Freedom on customisation :
This is the perfect opportunity to do that regiment you’ve always wanted to – with only a few models to build and paint, you can tackle anything from the Ventrillian Nobles to the Miasman Redcowls – or a custom regiment of your own making.

3 Units :

The bulk of most Astra Militarum kill teams, individual Guardsmen might not be that tough, but they can quickly overwhelm foes through weight of numbers.

These guys are your main source of firepower – what you arm them with is up to you, from short-ranged flamers to sharp-shooting sniper rifles.

For those looking for a more elite option, Scions are more durable and more accurate than their kin, as well as having access to armour-piercing hot-shot lasguns.

The tactics
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Hard to evaluate this one without knowing the order aviable ^^

First and Only !

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