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Kill Team Focus: Omnomnom

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Hello everyone !!

Kill Team Focus : Tyranids.

Want an elite kill team? Stock up on Warriors and Lictors. Fancy overwhelming the foe? Grab a horde of Termagants. Can’t decide? Mix the two!

Tyranids are a treat for converters in Kill Team, allowing you to really go wild with some custom biomorphs. A Comms specialist could be covered in antennae, while a Combat specialist could be festooned with spikes and blades – there are loads of options for making each model look distinct.

Basic Tyranid gun-beasts, Termagants can provide a surprising amount of firepower with their fleshborers and devourers.

Smaller Tyranid beasts developed for close combat, Hormagaunts can quickly close in on their prey before slicing them apart with their scything talons.

Terrifying synapse beasts, Warriors are monstrous in Kill Team, boasting deadly bio-morphs, providing Synapse support for lesser creatures and disrupting enemy psykers.

Elite, mobile and hard to pin down, Genestealers are great close-combat creatures with a range of optional biomorphs, from scything talons to extended carapace.

Lictors are stealthy, fast and lethal – if you’re looking for a super-elite kill team, why not take four?

Kill team with 4 lictors ? woaaa

Tactics !
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Hey that look super fun to build a nids Kill Team...


ps : Off course full coverage when NDA lift ! (21)