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Kill Team Review of the rules (part 2 - game)

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Hello everyone !!

Part 2 of the Kill Team Review . (still wip as i have trouble uploading image from where i am)

After looking at the core rules in the previous post, in this section we are going to focus on the differents way to play, the scouting phase, the kill zone and Squads creation.

Scouting phase

The scouting phase happen before the battle, it represent the efforts of the squads before they engage in direct combat.
it's an interesting addition as it spice up match up and increase replayability.

The scouting phase happen after you have selected your kill team, the mission and set up the battlefield.
Each player choose secretly an option from 6 possibles.

Kill Zone

When you have chosen a mission, you can decide to fight in a specific kill zone. The Core Book include the rules for killzone : Sector Imperialis.
You just roll 1D6 on the environment table and apply the result. It's interesting to note that the table consider you have the imperialis Board and the plastic ruins from the set as they are referenced in the rules.

ie : Tunnels result allow models to move from a manhole to another one. The fun is that manhole are represented on the board.
With the Munitorium already announced i fully expect rules for this kill zone too and maybe more rules with physical counterpart.

Making a Kill Team

Creating a kill Team is super easy you select up to 20 models sharing a common Faction Keyword, you equip them, give them speciality and note their cost. There is no point limit here.

When you play you have to select a Battle-Forged Kill Team that must adhere to the following restrictions :
-3 to 20 models
-One (and only one) leader specialist
-Up to 3 others specialist
-Respect max number of models (gunner, leader)
-100pt max
-One faction keywords.

So if you play "Matched" in a tournament you come with a Roster and decide who to pick secretly when you know the mission and the adversary. In Narrative mode you can lvl up different sort of models to answer different situation.

Note : Off course if you play in Free Play you are not forced to be Battle Forged but heh.
Note 2 : Some mission in narrative mode (campaign mode) allow you to take more than 100pts and be battleforged to represent to represent Ambush and camp raid.

Command points and Tactics

Command points

Commands points are spent to use tactics.
You gain 1pt each turn.
For every 10 pts of squad value difference you gain one extra points at the start.
Unused points are saved for next turn.
You can get 1 extra points each turn with specialists Leader lvl 1 (so everyone get it).
Leader lvl 3 : grant 5+ refund CP spent.
Comm Specialist offer 2 extra way to get CP : 5+ each turn, or 6+ refund.
Veteran Specialist lvl 2 : Get 1 extra cp per turn (but only for him^^)

Tactics Everywhere !!

There is a huge number of tactics available, cards are nearly mandatory (official or self made) listen to the list :
-Core rule offer 6 Basic tactics
-Each faction grant 4 to 6 tactics
-Each specialty grant 3 tactics
-Narrative mission grant 2 tactics.
So if you play a campaigns (like with necromunda) you get access to 20-24 tactics !!! better have some sort of summary^^


Each model you take can be given a speciality. There is 10 options : Leader, Combat, Comms, Demolition, Heavy, Medic, Scout, Sniper, Veteran, Zealot.
Depending on the faction/model you get access to different specialists.
Each class grant you Access to 3 tactics - (lvl 1, lvl 2, lvl 3). These tactics are reserved to the specialist but can often affect friendly models (with buff).
Ex : Tactics Comm lvl 1 : 1cp -1 to nerve test for your kill team as if the Comm was within 2" of them.

You also get a bonus based on your specialist lvl. All specialists start lvl 1 and can finish lvl 4. you get a new power each time you lvl up. There are multiple choices
ie :
Comm lvl 1 : once per turn grant +1 hit roll to a friendly model within 6.
Comm lvl 2 : Each turn on a 5+ get a CP
Comm lvl 3 : -1 ld for all enemy on the battlefield. (wtf this is super duper strong)
Comm lvl 4 : Choose one.

Game Modes

There is 3 way to play each one have 4 Missions available.
Narrative can use Matched play missions too.
Free play is the same as any other GW games, so i am not going to comment on this.

Matched Play

Sold as the Balanced and Competitive Game mode. Allow 2-4 players.
You roll the mission, select models to get a battle forget team, play the scouting phase and your good to go.
It's very nice that each Matched Play mission include up to 4 players deployments.

Narrative Play

As a Necromunda player for the last 20 years this is the game mode i am the most interested.

Winning the campaign

The Campaign objective is to be the last non-guerrilla faction/player. How does it work ? Each player start with 8 pts in each resources. You have 4 types: Intelligence, Materiel, Morale, Territory. Each time you play a mission you can win or loose points from these pools. As soon as one of them get to 0 you become guerrilla faction and loose. (you can still win if sudden death happen)

Post battle phase

-Update resource rating and check if a player win the campaign.
-Casualties : Roll(D10) for each taken out model : 1 = dead, 2 = miss next game, 3-8 full recovery, 9-10 full recovery and +1 xp.
-Experience :
Each specialists in the kill team (that survived) gain 1 xp if you used a specialists tactics on this model it gain 1 extra xp. You gain new power at 3/7/12 xp.
Non specialist also gain XP

Fire Team

Non specialists in your roster are regrouped in several Fire Teams. A FT regroup models from the same datasheet (ex : Reiver marines).
If 2 models from the same Fire team participate in a mission and are not killed, all the member of the group gain XP. (so if you have 5 reivers on you roster and 2 of them participated in the last mission everyone gain 1 xp.) At 3/7/12 they again a new power. All the Fire team gains it ! Roll 1d6 on a table and gain a minor power (RR 1 on save, or hit or wounds..).

-If everyone in the Fire Team die all the Xp are lost.
-New recruit have to do a mission and survive to gain benefit of the XP.
-It's nowhere as good as Specialist power but if you play horde kill team its very useful !.

I think that's it for the Kill Team Core Book.
I'll do a post on scenery wednesday when i get home !