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Kill Team - Faction Details: Chaos Space Marines

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little detailed overview to give you an example on how a Chaos Space Marine Kill Team could look, the options you have for equipment aswell as special tactics.

Say hello to my Word Bearers :)

Kill Team example: Cult of the Dead Crow
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Using the rules for Matched Play, my 100 points Word Bearers Kill Team includes:

- Aspiring Champion with Power Sword and Boltgun
- Chaos Marine Gunner with Plasmagun
- 2 Chaos Marines with Boltguns
- Cultist Gunner with flamer
- 8 Cultists

You could go with less bodies and try to get some extra CP's, but since you only get them per 10 points difference it is probably not worth the gambling.

Let's take a look at the options Chaos Space Marines have!

Rules overview
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As you see, the Chaos Space Marines are quite limited as you can only use the options that come in their multi-part kit, but it's workable. You can give them marks aswell as icons:

Speaking about marks - as far as I see, there is only one "Khorne" specific tactic (Fury of Khorne, allowing you to fight again with a model at the end of the Fight phase), and none for the other gods. Looks like Slaanesh has to wait for it's own multipart plastic kit down the line ;).

Spare points can be used on humble Cultists - a great way to add extra bodies aswell as support weapons to your Kill Team!

All in all, for me Chaos comes out quite ok. I would like a few more options that aren't on the plastic sprue - more freedom for cultist wargear, other heavy weapons and combi-weapons for example. That said, the list is quite workable and I can't wait to do a Night Lords and Alpha Legion team too!

Lady Atia