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Kill Team: Creating your Kill Team and Design Studio Campaign Video

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little video about the Design Studio Campaign, aswell as the process of creating your Kill Team. We already talked about it in the rules review a few days ago, but here's another summary by warhammer community:

Forging your Team
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"Rather than having a set roster you bring to all your games, your Kill Team can have up to 20 members ready to go at all times, with any number of specialists or leaders.

Where things get interesting is pre-game – once you know who you’re playing against, you’ll get to secretly pick which members of your team will be participating in the battle. You might want to keep a flamer-wielding demolitions specialist on your roster for dealing with lightly armoured kill teams, or a Zealot for those vulnerable to close combat.

Of course, there are restrictions – you can only have 3 specialists and one leader in each battle, and your total points can’t exceed 100 (Note from Atia: Unless the mission allows for more points!)."


"With every game you play, your specialists will advance in skills, allowing you to transform each into a storied hero in their own right with a unique set of skills. Let’s take a look at the heavy specialism for an example:

Specialists gain experience by participating in the battle and by using their unique Tactics, meaning even if they don’t participate directly in combat they’ll get more powerful. Similarly, when you’re playing a campaign, you’ll be rewarded for using a diverse range of tactics in your games – leading to a more exciting experience for both players.

There’s one downside – specialists cost more points as they level up, meaning you’ll have to weigh up using a higher number of greener troops against sacrificing numbers for the more advanced skills of your veterans."


"All non-specialists in your kill team are sorted into Fire Teams – groups of battle-hardened veterans who’ve forged bonds of comradeship over your campaign. While these guys might not be specialists, they have their own set of advancements and gain experience like the rest of your kill team. In fact, as long as at least two members of a Fire Team take part in a mission, they all benefit! Even if Fire Teams lose members, new recruits can be brought into the squad but must fight a battle with a more experienced member of the Fire Team before they can benefit from the team’s experience.

Tactically, this adds a really interesting consideration to how you build your kill team. While it might be tempting to stock up on multiple models from multiple datasheets, you’ll be rewarded for focus by being able to advance your non-specialists more easily.

In campaign play, you can add new members to your roster at any time – on the condition that you MUST use them in your next mission. This way, you can add new Leaders, specialists or models that wouldn’t fit into an existing fire team on your roster"

Death Table

Have you created your own Kill Team already? Tell us in the comments below!

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