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Kill Team: Sector Munitorum Kill Zone

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Little overview of the new Kill Zone: Sector Munitorum by Warhammer Community. Pre-orders are this weekend!

What is a "Sector Munitorum"?
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"The Imperium owes its continued existence as much to a colossal, galaxy-wide operation of logistics as it does to its extreme belligerence and unshakeable faith in the Emperor. Across the stars, warehouses, loading docks and ammo-dumps provide fresh war materiel to armies in the field. This makes them highly desirable targets for Kill Team raids, stacked containers turning into improvised cover as squads skirmish between a maze of stored goods and ammunition.

Like all Killzones, the Sector Munitorum set comes with an Environment card. This card features a set of big, game-changing rules that can take effect in your games. For example, you might find yourself fighting in the pitch black or may have to dodge falling containers!"

The Tactics
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"Each Killzone expansion comes with a set of Tactics, usable by any Kill Team, that allow your troops to harness the environment to their advantage.

All in all - quite awesome, and another nice way to get some cheep containers!

Lady Atia