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Space Marine Adventures

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Hello everyone !!

GW revealed some details about their lastest Coop Game.

-Aimed at new player
-Only for US and Canada
-SM heroes model used.


Adventure into the Labyrinth of the Necron (TM)
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"In this fast-paced board game for 1-4 players, you’ll command one of five Space Marines as you make your way through a Necron tomb complex. Experience deadly hazards and alien horrors, and use your Space Marine’s unique skills to overcome the traps and guardians of the tomb.

The five push fit plastic models are available in the US for the first time with this release – you may recognise them as part of the Japan-exclusive Space Marine Heroes range. Each can be built without glue and comes in coloured plastic, along with a card describing their abilities.

You’ll also find in the box no fewer than three double-sided game boards that will make up the labyrinth your heroes battle through, along with a host of cards, counters and dice, and a 16-page book which introduces the game and teaches you how to play, then shows you how to advance to levels 2 and 3 once you’ve mastered the labyrinth and want more of a challenge. With this, the five different Space Marines to choose from and nearly 30 cards for wargear and abilities, there’s a ton of replayability.

Because Space Marine Adventures is aimed at those new to Warhammer, you won’t find it in your usual gaming stores (we have plenty of other great games you can buy in those). Instead, you’ll be able to pick it up at stores across the US and Canada this Autumn including many Barnes & Noble locations."