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Atia paints: The Iron Regent (WIP)

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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Tick tock, clock is up. I'm finally allowed to share my work with you - and of course I documented the journey so far!

The glorious sprues - freshly out of the box! Thanks to talk with the Specialist Games Team I knew that the plates can be painted on the sprue, while the weapons have magnet holes in it already (5x1mm!). Chris Drew designed the kit aswell as the Warhound and Reaver - almost two years of work if I remember it correctly. He choose to made them as expandable as possible - skeletton on one, main plates on another and head plus weapons on the third. Reason is to allow for upgrade sprues and special character Titans in the future!

Testing the pose of the legs!

Fun with magnets - the full picture biggrin.png

Grey plates and metallic parts were primed black, Yellow plates white. Here's the original colour tester I did for the yellow - White Primer -> Ushabti Bone -> Ushabti Bone/White mix -> pure White -> layers of Lamanters Yellow. As with the FW clear technique, you need a few layers of yellow to make it work.

I originally also experimented with orange toning but decided against it as it were too much "Legio Fureans".

The grey was done with a primer of Chaos Black -> Mechanicus Standard Grey -> Dawnstone.

Working with masking tapes to get the iconic stripes on the legs smile.png

Sprayed the whole model with gloss varnish before doing the trim.

Trim Trim Trim whistling.gif

Work on the base continued too - hopefully EPIC will see the light of day so I can add some Gryphone Octade Secutarii to it in the future smile.png

Slowly she starts to look like a real Warlord ...

Lady Atia