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Genestealer cult preview !

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Hello everyone !!

Preview of some new cult units :

Abominants are Aberrants chosen by the Patriarch of a cult to lead their hulking kindred. Guided by imp-like Mindwyrm Familiars, each is imprinted with a portion of their master’s genetic material, swelling their already prodigious frames with mutant muscle and granting them a saintly status among the rest of the cult.

Hard to comment without the numbers of attacks but that seem promising.

Cute tag added

Aberrants have been upgraded with a brand new kit, featuring a host of grisly customisation options, a choice of weapons and mutated brethren known as Hypermorphs – especially “gifted” Aberrants with special weapon options of their own, from their mutated tails to signposts.

Abominant grant this aura to friendly Aberrant within 6". Pretty lenient wording, it's unit and not models and within and not wholly within.

Nice upgrade and stack nicely with the Abo aura !
And as suggested by GW don't forget the Icon from Chapter Approved :

There is one in the box !


The kit
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