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Hello everyone !!

Official confirmation by gw team about the Beast of Chaos battletome.

This Battletome deals with more than just the brayherds, it compiles many of the bestial creatures of Chaos into a single unholy tome including Bullgors, Dragon Ogors, Tzaangor and more besides. A Beasts of Chaos force represents the untamed inhuman nature of Chaos is all its glory – a single army, with powerful, overlapping allegiance abilities, magical lores, and spells.

New Allegiance Abilities !

Hoo plz make us proud gw !!

Nice looking Herstone !
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I hope we get more rules for the herdstone !

First up, the classic symbol of the beast herds is getting a long-overdue miniature – the iconoclastic Herdstone of the dark gods. This towering terrain piece comes complete with the bones of sacrificed victims, corrupted relics and stolen treasures of fallen foes – everything you need to gain the favour and attention of the gods.

As well as providing an awesome centerpiece for your army, the Herdstone also provides powerful in-game benefits that work alongside their new allegiance abilities.

Endless spells !
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