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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Kill Team: Rogue Trader is up for pre-order next week! via Warhammer Community.

Kill Team: Rogue Trader
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The missions:

"Kill Team: Rogue Trader has no fewer than 11 new missions for you to try, with new options for open, narrative and matched play. Each is designed to take full advantage of the new Killzones (more on those below) and offers new tactical challenges, not to mention some great thematic hooks. How would a team of Scions fare against a clutch of Lictors in the cramped confines of a shuttle? Can the Word Bearers desecrate an Imperial temple while under attack from a rising force of Necrons? With the new set, you’ll be able to find out."

The Killteams

"The Rogue Trader set features two kill teams’ worth of magnificent models. In the Elucidian Starstriders, you’ll find Voidsmen-at-Arms – highly paid elite guard of the Rogue Traders – as well as a rogue’s gallery of unusual characters like medic Sanistasia Minst and Death Cult Executioner Knosso Prond, as well as Elucia Vhane herself."

"These models are recognisably citizens of the Imperium, but represent its elite – Imperial Guardsmen they are not. Each is dressed in elegant, baroque armour and equipped with fine weapons – they’ll need both to survive against the horrors awakening on their ship…

The Gellerpox Infected are repugnant enough to please any Nurgle fan. We’ve had new Daemons and Traitor Astartes dedicated to the Lord of Plagues, and now we’ve got a host of repulsive mutants and renegades to join them. Led by the hulking Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed, this kill team looks at the low-level horrors of Nurgle – the skittering beasts, strange breeds of Nurgling and shambling infected who are bursting from starships across the Imperium."

"You’ll have loads of flexibility when using these kill teams in your games, with both Commanders featuring customisable abilities and skill trees, and a variety of options as to which members you take on your missions. One battle might see you bring a trio of brutish Hullbreakers, while in another you could claim victory with a horde of stinging Cursemites and Sludge-Grubs – and we haven’t even gotten into each kill team’s Tactics!"

Last but not Least - new Kill Zones!

Two new Kill Zones - a Rogue Trader Vessel aswell as an Imperial Shrine!

Two new mini Codices for 40k!
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"We know fans have been waiting for years to see Rogue Traders in Warhammer 40,000, so we’re making them available for your mass battles as well as your Kill Team skirmishes. The Rogue Trader boxed set features two mini-codexes for allying your Elucidian Starstriders and Gellerpox Infected with your main army, each with their own unique Stratagems (and more than a few devious tricks up their sleeve)."

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