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Kill Team Focus: The Gellerpox Infected

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Hello everyone !!

Faction Focus on the GellerPox !

Disease stalks the stars. The secrets of the Geller field – once thought an impenetrable aegis against the forces of Chaos – have been cracked by the minions of Nurgle. It’s bad news for the Imperium, but great news for Kill Team players!

WHAT ? it's the new fluff ?

The Gellerpox Infected don’t bother with Imperial nonsense like “shooting” – instead, they’re a dedicated close-combat kill team specialising in dealing brutal damage up close.

A Gellerpox Infected kill team can consist of a mere handful of hulking monsters, meaning they can be one of the most elite kill teams in the game…

…but, if you prefer, you can stack up on gribblies and instead overwhelm your foes with an infectious swarm of mutants and vermin!

With Toughness 5, 4 Wounds and Disgustingly Resilient, Nightmare Hulks are among Kill Team’s most durable choices and work as brutally effective biological battering rams. If you’re looking for an elite kill team, three of these guys plus a Glitchling to make up the numbers is pretty deadly!

These shambling stalkers are much like Poxwalkers, with the added benefit of their Gellercaust Masks. As well as being able to weather a considerable number of attacks thanks to Disgustingly Resilient, they can also cause mortal wounds to their attackers in the Fight phase on an unmodified saving throw of 6 – if you’re struggling with a particularly nasty Combat specialist, throw a few of these guys their way!

Gellerpox Infected kill teams have access to a range of horrible creepy-crawlies. Costing a mere handful of points each, they might not be particularly powerful, but they’re a great way to bulk up a more elite force and surprisingly tricky to get rid of.

Kill Team: Rogue Trader features a new kind of fighter called a Commander. These are the best of the best – elite leaders, fighters and strategists with the power to tackle entire kill teams single-handedly.

Commanders are incredibly customisable – rather than levelling up like normal specialists, you’ll choose which level they are when you add them to your roster. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend points on a variety of Traits – one Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed could be a hulking close-combat brute, while another could be a pack-leader who enhances the power of nearby mites and grubs.

Vulgrar himself is a brutal leader, possessed of horrific durability and damage. If you’re playing through the Commanders missions from the set with a mate, he’ll be able to outmatch any of the Elucidian Starstriders in close combat, transforming each battle into a monster movie where YOU are the monster…

Commander class look like a super fun addition to kill team !
i hope we'll get more details soon.