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Beasts of Chaos Preview- Part 2

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Hello everyone !!

Rhu give more info on BOC units :

Buffed with :

-So they lost +1 to hit against unit with standards. Gain extra attack on charge and if they kept their threat range it's awesome.
-Battleline with Brayherd hero

Nice snipe ability

-So their fluff is sad :'( (poor dragon ogors)
-hit on 3+ (haaaaaa)
-Battleline with shaggoth general

-Shaggoths can be generals
-Wizards and can cast ES

So bloodgreed went from 1 extra attack on a 6+ (5+ with command) to a 1 mw on a unmodified 6.
Battleline with bullgor general
Regenerate wounds after a fight.
So is it a nerf or a buff ? :
Before one attack under command vs a 4+ sv with a 2 handed axe : 1/3*1/2*5/6*3*5/6 = 0.34 extra wound per attack that hit. Now you get 1/6 to get a MW 0.16 per attack that hit. So Bulls loose 0.18 per attack so 0.36 dmg lost par 2h bulls.

That mean, if Bullgors got 2 extra horns attack it's not a nerf or a buff it's the same, it's get better if doombull command is off or if you have 2 axes.


-Can be on foot for discounted price.

-6 new spells
-Cast endless
-Spell list is very good ;)

That's it for now !


Full review on friday night !