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Next Week: Warbands for shadespire !!!

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Hello there !!

Next week on pre order :

The Eyes of the Nine

The Disciples of Tzeentch are a fan-favourite faction in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and with the rise of wizards and spellcasting in the Mirrored City, it was only fitting that the Chaos God of Magic’s forces should receive a Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault expansion. The Eyes of the Nine are an ambitious pack of seekers hunting for forbidden knowledge, made up of a varied band of the Changer of Ways’ followers.

Led by magister Vortemis the All-Seeing, the Eyes of the Nine are an unusual and dynamic warband, capable of casting magical spells and even summoning Blue Horrors to the field, turning the rules of Warhammer Underworlds on their head and offering exciting new challenges for you to master.

Zarbag’s Gitz

Shadespire has faced magical calamity, invasion from forces beyond the comprehension of man and the Shyish Necroquake itself – but is it ready for the Moonclan grots?

Zarbag’s Gitz are Warhammer Underworlds first-ever NINE-fighter warband, a rampaging pack of goblins who make up for their individual frailty with overwhelming numbers, squig allies and fungus-fuelled determination.

Following on from the Fungoid Cave-Shaman earlier in the year, this warband brings the classic and much-loved aesthetic of the Moonclan to life in stunning detail, featuring new takes on iconic classics like squigs as well as all-new miniatures that shed light on the madcap world of the grots, like armoured squig-herder Drizgit.

Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers Return!

With the Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Core Set replacing the old one, you may be wondering just where you’ll be able to get Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers if you didn’t get them the first time around. Well, good news – both are being transformed into fully-fledged expansions, containing all the fighters and warband cards you need to play them.

What’s more, these sets feature brand new cards for Nightvault, with new gambits and upgrades usable by any warband. Don’t worry if you’ve already got these warbands, or you don’t fancy them – we’re also making all the universal cards from these sets available in a pack of their own:

With so many new universal cards this week, we’ll be taking a look at what they mean for your decks and previewing some in detail next week, so keep an eye out…