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Warhounds for Titanicus

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Hello again everyone !!

Titanicus on pre order next week :

That’s not all next week has instore – for Adeptus Titanicus, you’ll be able to grab the Warhound Titan thanks to a new, highly customisable double pack:

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to build two of these iconic war machines for Adeptus Titanicus, complete with a range of weapon options as well as choices of pose and armour plating.

These guys are a fantastic choice for any cunning princeps, trading durability for superb speed and manoeuvrability. Run literal rings around Warlord Titans, keep pace with any pesky Knight Lances – or just enjoy the novelty of owning a Warhound Titan in plastic!

You’ll find the rules for your Warhound Titan on its Command Terminal, available separately in a pair of Maniple Packs on release, while for its weapons, look no further than a Weapons Card Pack:


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