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Kill Team: Commanders of the Imperium

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Kill Team: Commanders introduces a whole new level to Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – specifically, the top level! This expansion introduces some of the most powerful leaders of each Faction, including senior officers, deadly alpha-beasts and heroic warriors. The addition of a Commander to your kill team offers a whole new wealth of possibilities. For starters, there are loads of customisation options that can be applied to each Commander, including a set of useful trait abilities and a choice of up to 10 new specialisms, but they can be also be upgraded to level 2, 3 or 4 right from the start. Many Commanders can also utilise powerful Aura Tactics – inspirational abilities that, once activated, have a large area of effect.

Only Primaris Marines

Get access to specials tactics as such :

Or psy power

There are also named characters

Torrvald Orksbane : His Level 3 ability, The Icy Kiss of Fenris, ensures that any model that suffers a mortal wound from his Psybolt psychic power, but isn’t taken out of action, is automatically shaken – a debilitating ability which is great for keeping multi-wound enemies (and especially rival Commanders) at bay!

Deathwatch players can field a mighty Watch Master or a Primaris Captain, Chaplain or Librarian. The Primaris Commanders are taken from the Adeptus Astartes faction but, as members of the Deathwatch, gain the Special Issue Ammunition ability.

Gaius Acastian Commander set – If you upgrade him to Level 2, his Instinctive Strategy ability earns you a Command Point on a roll of 5+ each time your opponent uses a Tactic!

Whether you choose a (Lord) Commissar, a Platoon/Company Commander or a Tempestor Prime, the Astra Militarum Commanders not only add some solid resilience and close-combat hitting power to your kill team, but their Aura Tactics are a gift from the Emperor Himself!

Lord Commissar Feodor Lasko is your Commander set of choice if you’re looking for a suitably stoic and brave addition to your kill team – his True Grit ability at Level 1 means he’ll be Toughness 4 from the get-go

the Commanders of the Adeptus Mechanicus are Tech-Priests. The Enginseer offers a useful and cost-effective Commander with the nifty Repair Artisan Aura Tactic, whilst the Tech-Priest Dominus is a nigh-unkillable powerhouse who can self-repair and augment the firepower of his allies.

Magos Dalathrust Commander set – at Level 3, you can add 1 to the Damage characteristic of his ranged weapons (imagine that on a macrostubber)!

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