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Speed Freeks, the sprues

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Hello everyone !!

Speed Freeks includes 8 multi-part plastic vehicle miniatures, along with a set of barricades used in-game. Let's look in details at what models are inside.

First you get :

6 Bikes (3 reds and 3 yellows).
Each side get 3 bikes

Nothing much to say on the bike it's the old model but you get one extra torso option ^^

Kustom Boosta - Blasta

This is not an "Easy to build" kit like for shadespire or other games.
I am not saying it's hard but you need glue and some patience as there are a lot of small pieces to assemble

The kit is awesome can't wait to start working on it !

ShokkJump Dragsta

Again lot of sub assembly, 8 pages of instruction.
Awesome details. Maybe my favorite of the bunch.

The 2 wagons are close to perfect tbh.

The terrain sprue

This level of details for a "side" terrain sprue is incredible.
3 obstacles and 3 barriers/walls. The color used for the plastic is really shiny and hide the details on the pics but IRL they are amazing.

I think i am also going to use them for kill team. There is a board included (see review of the rules) and with a few bits plus maybe a building or two it would make a perfect killzone !


6 Bikes sprues
2 Wagons sprues
1 terrain sprue

If you play orcs in 40k or want to play orcs or want the best models GW ever made ? Buy it. If you are more interested by the game wait my game review later today :D.

ps : I am a bit sad that these 2 wagons are exclusive to the boxed set. The problem is the size of the sprue i think. It can't be cut in half so they would have to pack it in a large box.

Wtf moment : Price is 90£ / 120€ - Xe get me a 102.11 € rate. I think it better to buy it online in uk.