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Clan Fokus: Bad Moons

Tags : orcs warhammer 40 000

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Hello there !!

Bad moon Spoiler by GW

Very good kultur considering they have access to double shot stratagem !

Yea 40 wounds is a lot, embark a mek with a KFF for a 5++ and starting to be fun.
Use a mek worshop for auto max roll on random shot and a 1/6 chance to add +1D on a weapon.

Good you can get auto 3 each turn with some choice.

Super Gatler can try to shoot 4 times for 3d6 each time or 18 if you used Mek workshop with 1/6 to get +1D DAKKAAAAAAA

Mega Zappa is solid for the price.

Hit on 3+ ! extra shot on 6+ (5+ with a stratagem)
Can teleport on 4+
Solid anti armor solution.