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Titanicus Stream report

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Hello there

Today there was a stream on Titanicus :

Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Mortis transfers coming soon.

- Titandeath will have 5 new maniples + more maniples in the future

Titandeath campaign: Beta-Garmon - end of the Heresy, last gate to breach before the traitors reach Terra. Thousands of titans fighting.

Guy Haley to write the HH novel, Specialist Games gave him the initial background and a primarch was involved!

Imperial Hunters and Nova Guard are the Legios focused on

Imperial Hunters = all Princeps are women + Artemis hunter cult

The name God Breakers came because FW wanted something metal sounding.

All the core book Narrative missions are from previously published background.

No one found where the cold planet scenario is from. AHoare challenges people to find it.

Titandeath first planned of a series of campaign books. Inspired by HH black books but not as large (100 pages). Each one focus on a conflict, new Legio rules, maniples, weapons.

Gryphonics, Godbreakers, Imperial Hunters, Nova Guard + guest are getting legio rules in TD (Titan Death)

TD campaign inspired by Planetary Empires campaign.

4 to 5 levels of crew, noob to Mega vet

Some books will come with new models.

One Titan between the Reaver and Warlord.

One between the Reaver and Warhound.

One smaller than the Warhound.

Years Product plan

weapon packs soon but not ready

Ursus Claws maybe in the future (resin.)

Maybe resin banners in the future.

More knights are incoming with stratagem and Knight only mission.

Transfers for all the main Legios

New upgrades - a new guy was hired and already has a big back log ^^

Lost of plastic products for AT + Resin complement

Time line is: Novel on HH then 2 month after Titan death for spoiler reason.



Imperial Hunters (also known as Legio Solaria) colour scheme (WIP)
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