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Hello there !

Warhammer world just announced a team tournament (team of 4) 12 and 13 jan 2019.

This new style of event, taking place on the weekend of 12th-13 January 2019, will pit teams of four players in a series of individual matched play games against rival teams. Over the course of the weekend, the results of these games contribute to each team’s score and will ultimately determine which team emerges as the overall winners!

In a unique pairing system, the competing teams divide their players into two attackers and two defenders in each round. What’s more, to encourage varied army selection among each team’s players, warscrolls cannot be duplicated across their armies. Each team will, therefore, have to think carefully about their collective army selection, along with which players will be best suited to take the roles of attackers or defenders.

There will also be an additional category for the event’s painting awards dedicated to the best overall team army, where theme and similar basing styles across the four constituent parts of the army will be crucial (and a suitably impressive display board never does any harm either). It’s a great excuse for a combined hobby project as well as a weekend of gaming fun!

Price is 260 for 4 persons with meal on both day included .

Download the even pack here :

Points : 2000
Format: Singles as a team. You will play individually with your results contributing to your team score.
System: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Matched Play.
Battleplans: Five of the eighteen Pitched Battle battleplans (the six found in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book and the
twelve in the General’s Handbook 2018).
Number of games: Five
Army Selection : Each player follows the Battlehost restrictions from the Pitched Battle chart on page 310 of the Warhammer
Age of Sigmar Core Book. Warscrolls may not be duplicated across the team.
Publications in use : All current and in-print Warhammer Age of Sigmar battletomes, Grand Alliance books, warscroll compendiums
(including those from Forge World), General’s Handbook 2018, and any warscrolls and warscroll battalions with a Pitched
Battle profile, unless their release falls on the weekend of the event. We expect you to use the most current warscrolls for your
models – e.g. those found in a battletome rather than a Grand Alliance book or warscroll compendium.
Other activities: Painting competitions and free entry to the Warhammer World exhibition.

ARMY ROSTERS We intend for each team to have a variety of different armies. Therefore warscrolls may not be duplicated across players within a team. For example, John and Matt both have Stormcast Eternals armies. John uses the Lord- Celestant and Liberators warscrolls, therefore Matt would NOT be able to take these units. He would have to build his army using different Stormcast Eternals warscrolls e.g. Lord-Arcanum and Sequitors. Note that the warscroll restrictions only apply to your rostered units. Any units summoned during the game are exempt from these

Sound like a cool one