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Coming Next Week: Project Boxes, Tiny Titans and Heroes of Middle-earth

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Hello there !

Next week on Pre order

To help you make some space ahead of Christmas and keep your personal hobby in order, we’re very excited to announce our new range of project boxes and paint racks.

The new project boxes are available in two sizes, and each has been designed to hold all the paints, brushes and other stuff you’ll need for whatever you’re currently working on – like a rolled-up painting mat, for instance. As well as being stackable (ideal if you’ve got loads of paints to store!), these all fit inside our larger figure cases, so you’ll be able to transport them in safety alongside your models!

Each project box comes packed with our new paint racking system, which is pretty cool in its own right! This new, modular set of paint racks is organised into interlocking hexagonal hives that store 21 paints each, making them great for grouping the key paints you’re using on a particular project. Each can be fitted with feet to stand on your desk or can be screwed into your walls via the holes on each rack. If you just want to get these paint racks on their own and don’t need any more project boxes, good news – they’ll be available on their own, too.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some project boxes and paint racks before they go on pre-order next week, you can actually grab them now – each of this year’s bumper paint sets is bundled with one. Painting has never been so manageable…

Cerastus Knights are a favourite among Warhammer 40,000 fans, and for good reason, with their towering profile and unique loadouts making them a common sight in Imperial Knight armies. Next week, one of the most popular Ceratus Knights will be charging into the fray in Adeptus Titanicus, with a new boxed set containing two Knight Lancers!

Warlord Titan wielding a power fist the size of an Imperial Knight. Next week also heralds a new Warlord Titan kit with a fresh set of loadout options, including carapace-mounted laser blasters, a pair of Sunfury plasma annihilators and, yes, an Arioch Titan power claw.

With Middle-earth having exploded in popularity this year, we’re very excited to announce a new wave of plastic heroes to lead your armies to battle! Using modern miniatures design technology, we’ve been able to capture your favourite characters from the films with unprecedented detail and dynamism, bringing to life Gandalf the White and Peregrin Took as never seen before

What’s more, if you haven’t grabbed your copy of Battle for Pelennor Fields yet but still want to get your hands on the awesome new Théoden King of Rohan model, he’ll be available separately very soon. Similarly, Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel are now packed together (and will save you some money compared to getting them separately):

Wtf with legolas face ?

Next week sees Armies of The Hobbit™ go on pre-order. This massive sourcebook contains over 120 profiles and 20 army lists that let you field your favourite heroes, villains and armies from the time of the Battle of Five Armies. Tomorrow, we’ll be previewing this book in detail right here, so keep an eye out!

Ivory Classy dice !

Very intrigued by the new project system, will do a review if we get some !