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Coming Next Week: Titans, Teams, Gangs and Army Sets

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Hello there !!

Lots of pre order next week :

First up is the mighty Titan Battlegroup boxed set, comprising a Warlord Battle Titan (with volcano cannons), a Reaver Battle Titan and a pair of Warhound Scout Titans.

Free warhounds deal ! Nice one !

First up, we’ve got the Champions of Death team itself – 14 players consisting of
4 Zombies
4 Skeletons
2 Mummies
2 Wights
2 Ghouls.


2018 Blood Bowl Almanac which, amongst other brand-new content, FAQs and the special ball and pitch rules previously only featured in this year’s issues of White Dwarf, includes Spike! Journal Issues 1-3

Spike! journal Issue 4, detailing the rise (or raising) of the Champions of Death along with the regular articles such as Star Player Spotlights and Chat with the Rat

Rule book enhanced

the book has been revamped, expanded upon and now includes all of the most up-to-date version of the game rules, complete with all the errata and FAQs built in!
Alternatively, you can pick up one of the 1300 Slipcase Editions of the new rulebook, which includes the new Gangs of the Underhive book


They look so gooooood !

The best way to find out is to get your hands on Necromunda Gangs of the Underhive. This 160-page hardback includes the full rules and background for all six of the major Houses of the underhive – including, for the first time, House Delaque. As well as revealing some long-hidden secrets about the Delaque, this book includes the full Trading Post rules and every weapon profile, and also incorporates all of the latest errata and FAQs. For those who have been collecting the various Gang War publications, don’t worry – you’ll receive a free booklet featuring the Delaque rules in December’s issue of White Dwarf!

So free Delaque rules in next WD


Gangs of the underhive for everything until now.



+ Cards

Battleforce Christmass spam

Prepare your wallet !!